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Talent Acquisition Solution for SMB

We leverage recruitment technology to provide you with an alternative to high-fee recruitment agencies without compromising quality.

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HR Leaders, Business Owners, and Hiring Managers...

there are candidates looking for your jobs. ZipHire helps you reach more candidates, make more hires, and shorten your hiring timeline by leveraging modern job board technology and our recruiting expertise.

Alexa Young, CA

CJ Anderson
CEO - CCT Research

"Since partnering with ZipHire, we believe we have a competitive advantage in talent acquisition...their value is unlike anything we've seen in the market and they are saving our hiring managers and leadership teams a lot of time."


What ZipHire does for you

ZipHire manages early-stage talent acquisition, enabling you to dedicate your time to strategic initiatives and sustained business growth.

Job Board

While job board technology evolves rapidly, it demands significant time to stay ahead. At ZipHire, we thrive in this dynamic landscape, specializing in optimizing job posts for maximum impact and ROI. From crafting engaging copy to efficiently managing your budget, we turn your specific jobs into irresistible opportunities.


Beyond simply posting jobs, ZipHire streamlines your hiring process by actively reviewing resumes, engaging qualified candidates, and arranging screening calls. But we don't stop there. We also conduct the initial phone screens for you. The result? Candidates you receive are pre-qualified both in writing and over the phone, saving you invaluable time and effort.


Upon your approval of our pre-screened candidates, ZipHire efficiently arranges the first round of interviews, freeing up your valuable time. Your team then steers the process, but should you decide to pass on a candidate, we'll handle rejections respectfully, safeguarding your brand and fostering a positive candidate experience.

Reporting &

We guarantee your appreciaion of the time saved and hires made with ZipHire. To keep you informed on our work, we provide bi-monthly progress reports, performance updates, and market insights - mirroring the transparent communication of an in-house talent acquisition team.

Companies We Work With

ZipHire supports SMBs from steady hiring to hyper-growth and beyond.

Company Size
1-200 Employees

Hires Needed
1-20 Openings

HR Department
0-5 Employees

Proudly Supporting SMBs Nationwide

On average, our clients save 50 hours/month and slash hiring costs by 90%.

This isn't just a few minutes shaved off a task here and there - it's equivalent to over an entire work week freed up each month. This opens up valuable time that can be redirected towards strategic planning, team development, or other crucial business initiatives.

Moreover, the cost efficiency achieved is not trivial. Our clients experience a dramatic reduction in their hiring expenses - slashing costs by up to 90%. This could represent a significant portion of an SMB's budget, freeing up resources that can be reinvested into business growth, employee benefits, or other critical areas.

Save Time

Save Money

Hire Better

Try us out first!
We offer a risk-free, 100% satisfaction guaranteed trial period of 30 days.


Sam Oryhon
HR, Medication Management Partners

I can't say enough great things about the team at ZipHire. They act as a true extension of our team, understand our core values, and take great pride in making sure they are accurately promoting our company. Most importantly, they are genuinely good people, yes - they get the job done, but better yet they are kind, easy to talk/problem solve with, and have our best interest in mind.

CJ Anderson
CEO, CCT Research

Staffing continues to be one of the biggest bottlenecks for our growth strategy. Since partnering with ZipHire, we believe we have a competitive advantage in staffing, both with special hiring projects and ongoing site staffing needs. Their value is unlike anything we’ve seen in the market and they are saving our hiring managers and leadership teams a lot of time. They are now our go-to for staffing.

Amy Johnson
COO, Second to None Moving

8 new hires in 5 months! We have saved an incredible amount of time by ensuring interviewees scheduled are qualified and screened by ZipHire.

Real Stories, Real Success:
Testimonials from Leading SMBs

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